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Knowledge Base – Amazing Features Of Modern Combat 5 On Android That Will Blow Your Mind (With Screenshots).

You can join together with friends or random person to form the ultimate clan to help out each other and fight against rival clans in the epic Clan Wars Modern Combat 5. It is a cross platform game thus you will be encountering iOS players as well as Android players. You and another person compete against each other, this time in an asynchronous battle that focuses on the score, not on the time it takes to complete the game. It seems this mode too lacks pass-and-play mechanics, unfortunately, which is a problem when it comes to choosing a multiplayer game. Turn-based mode feels perfect for pass-and-play battles, in the back of a car or while hanging out on the couch, but the game prompts you to connect online.

  • The gorgeous HD graphics combined with unit building and battle strategy will remind you of Starcraft.
  • In some ways, it’s impressive thatSkullgirls is as balanced as it is, considering how much you can edit and change your characters within the matches themselves.
  • Gamers who want full immersion into their favorite titles should consider investing in more elaborate, professional-grade controllers, such as rudder pedals, wheel stands and VR headsets.
  • Messages and results can arrive in the meantime, and you may open up a new session to discover new problems as the years continue to turn for the Night’s Watch.

Take on the solo story mode as Cayden Phoenix, a member of Gilman Security. You must travel the globe – from Venice to Tokyo – to uncover the truth behind a series of attacks. It is a thrilling tale, with peaks and twists that leave you feeling like you have just been on an intense roller-coaster. The logo seen after completing a mission in the campaign also reads “Special Activities Division; Raven Task Force”. In May 2014, Gameloft mentioned via livestreams and other media that MC5 would be released in summer of 2014.

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GRID Autosport is one of the newest games with gamepad support. In short, this is a port of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 racing game along with all of its DLC under one roof. There are over 100 cars, over 100 circuits to race, scalable difficulty, and a variety of race types. It also supports offline game play if you want to go that route. Frankly, this game has a ton of upside and not that much downside. Most of the complaints are for the on-screen controls, but that’s not why you’re here so it doesn’t matter all that much.

It becomes important for beginners to know about various types of weapons available in the game. Learn about the weapons as well as their XP meter before going to taking them into use. The guns you have can also be increased in range and damage. Try to make the right use of weapons in order to kill your enemies. When you kill an enemy with a weapon, then you will be rewarded with 10 points.

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Oceanhorn is an exciting adventure game that has you explore the islands of the Uncharted Seas, fighting monsters, using magic, and discovering treasure. Sure, the game itself might resemble that of a certain Triforce wielding, Hylian character’s world, but we have a hard time complaining. Diving into the story provides over 10 hours of gameplay backed by a fantastic soundtrack worked on by Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy and Kenji Ito of Seiken Densetsu. Oceanhorn also features iCloud sync support so that you can ensure you never lose your progress. Fire up your HDR television because this game for Apple TV is undoubtedly a looker.

Shadowgun Deadzone is a third-person shooter game that borrows heavily from Gears of War franchise. It has the most amazing graphics like a console game and over the top action. What’s more is that there is cross-platform support as well. It means that you can play with your friends on iOS as well, for a superb multiplayer gameplay.